Social life is full of BOUNDARIES: material and cultural

Demarcation lines – more or less finished – that make us visual and active protagonist of our life and of other’s life.

Boundaries as limit, as border, as distinction line: a symbolical, cultural, social and linguistic line, but also a space for possible integration, a space that put in communication two or more worlds, that put into contact different cultures, or where fights come out.

Photography allow us to read and narrate those unifying places, places of contact and interface, places of belonging or of not-fitting. Photography helps in describing light zones that meet with those of shadow, it helps in put into question the boundaries between freedom and oppression. Our boundaries: those tangible, hypothetical, cruel, liable, dreamy, ironical, those which have not a physical representation.

Those boundaries we wish to tell about, those we want to shoot.

CONFINI / BOUNDARIES. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

in the context of Fotografia (www.fotografiafestival.it) International Festival of Rome – April/May 2007 and moving from our previous experience with Urban Gaze ( http://www.flickr.com/groups/italiancities/ ) International exposition “Hugo Pan” held in May 2006, this pool wish to launch and promote:


dedicated to all non-professional flickers from all around the world.

The topic is the following:


Our boundaries: those tangible, hypothetical, cruel, liable, dreamy, ironical, those which have not a physical representation. Those boundaries we wish to tell about, those we want to shoot.

* * *


In order to participate to the exposition/contest it’s necessary to sign-in to the pool and post (from 01.01.07 to 02.28.07) a maximum of 4 pictures related to the topic.

All the images have to be published under Creative Commons 2.5 – Italy Licence After the deadline (02.28.07) a selection board (composed of pool admin and experts) will choose 80-100 pictures.

The selected pictures are going to be displayed at the international photo Festival of Rome in April-May 2007.


eligible format: jpg (max 4,00 Mb – compression >9 )

Image sizes: majour side>2400 pixel sides ration: 3/4 [1:1,33] – 2/3 [1:1,50] – 16/9 [1:1,78]


Each picture MUST have the following tags:

“ie2007: boundaries–progressive number ” <i>(from 1 to 4)</i>

“ie2007: boundaries – author” “ie2007: boundaries”

In subscribing to the pool and posting your works, you will automatically accept the present rules and give authorisation to the usage of your picture for all the initiatives, non commercial and not for profit, directly and indirectly connected to the exposition (exposition, weblog, possible catalogue and promotional materials).

The usage of the picture will rigorously respect the Creactive Commons 2.5 – Italy Licence

Pool’s admin reserve for themselves the faculty of deleting – without announcement – picture intuitively out of topic. Admin will also delete – after the deadline – all the picture that will not meet the above mentioned requisites.

Each author, if selected for the exposition, will have to send within 03.15.07 (at the following e-mail address ie2007.staff@gmail.com) a confirmation statement and acquittance by using the model HERE provided.

This statement will confirm author’s willingness to participate to the exposition and will authorize admin to use the picture for exposition related activities (non for profit and not commercial).



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